Reflections Crematory & Natural Water Cremation

Ballard-Sunder is proud to be Minnesota's only full-service Funeral Home offering on site flame cremation and natural water cremation. In 2020 we added another option for the families we serve: Reflections Water Cremation. We are thrilled to partner with Dean Fisher & Associates to bring the environmentally friendly option of Natural Water Cremation to the families we serve and the community. Dean has been a licensed funeral director in Minnesota for over 38 years. He helped pioneer the Natural Water Cremation technology while serving at the Mayo Clinic in based in Rochester, MN servicing all of Minnesota and surrounding states and assisted the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA in acquiring and operating the natural water cremation technology. He is committed to his profession by finding new ways to reduce global warming in more gentle, dignified, and respectful manners.

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Gentle Water Cremation- Florida

It's a great honor to be teaming up with Gentle Water Cremation in Florida. Florida was the 2nd state to approve water cremation as a form of final disposition. Anderson-McQueen Funeral Home in St. Petersburg was the 1st legal water cremation facility in the United States for funeral homes. Since Mr. McQueen's retirement and sale of his facility, the new owners elected not to offer this option as a form of final disposition. Gentle Water Cremation will be offering their services to all the citizens of Florida and are willing to transfer your loved one from anywhere in the state to our facility.

Aloha Mortuary- Hawaii

What an amazing privilege it is to assist the citizens and Native Hawaiians with legislative language to allow water cremation to be legalized in Hawaii. This form of final disposition is a game-changer for those Native Hawaiians who are seeking to restore the rituals of their ancestors and is a much greener option for those Hawaiians who are conscience of their carbon footprint. Aloha Mortuary is locally owned and operated by Native Hawaiians. They are a 1st class operation who are very concerned about global warming and have found ways to reduce their carbon footprint, while still showing the dignity and respect that each individual deserves. It's a great honor to assist them in getting water cremation rolled out in Honolulu.

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